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Well there has been something else I’ve wanted since the fall of ’77.

A Stormtrooper E11. Well I made one out of cardboard tubing and heavy cardboard boxes.

I might upload an old pic (the only one I have) of it if I can get the other people in the pictures permission.

This time it is going to be made out of metal. Aluminum and some steel parts.

Hang in there for pics. It should be fun. Till then it’s airblaster time… phew pew zat!

12 Years old again :)

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Life posts

Finally got a Stormtrooper bucket after….how many years?

It is not one of those anal detailaholic 501 helmets but I’m more than happy with it. eFX did a really nice job on it and for the price it really can’t be beat. It blows away the old Rubies helms by far.

Now where is my blaster……Yes …I AM a nerd! 🙂