Space 1999 Hawk renovations….perhaps complete rebuild.

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Random 3D
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Sureda Burgos did a really nice job on this model but I found it was missing a lot of “little” things.

That said I’ve went about getting them in there. As I go whole parts are being optimized or completely rebuilt.

Here’s a before (kinda…I went and assigned some surfaces and what not) and after.

  1. Az says:

    Looks much better now. 🙂

  2. Hi Greg;

    The “little things” you added to my sterile unfinished Eagle just plain make it come alive!

    It just feels great to see my modeled homage to Garry Anderson’s work carry on to become the canvas talented people like yourself use to contribute to the great world of SciFi.

    All the energy you have dedicated to the Eagle sure fuels my drive to model more items from the Science Fiction realm.

    Thanks for your wonderful work and mentioning my contribution so prominently.


  3. gregcharest says:

    You are more than welcome Guillermo. I’m also glad you liked what I’ve done so far.
    I hope you do some more sci fi. I know I’d love to see more from you in that arena.

  4. is it available for download, Guillermo I used your work in my demo, I hope you dont mind.

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