Another day at Siggraph 2011

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Random 3D

Well another day at Siggraph…only this time on the Exhibit Floor.

Met a few LW’rs  from all over that were as disappointed as I that Newtek could not be bothered to

try and sell a few seats in the second largest market in NA. What the heck people?

The official line I got is that they were spending their money on a show in LA.

LA? Who cares about seats being sold in LA? The people walking the Exhibit Hall  here and now ARE your target market!

Get some lost ground back in Vancouver!

Besides why the hell should I travel to LA to hear about what I should have here in my own town at an official Sigg event?

I understand prioritizing but talking to the press does not sell seats. Talking to prospective clients does. We have a great turnout here with a crapload of students being churned out of the 3D puppy mills.

What better bunch to try and convert into using your software?

I hope the next time Newtek comes to town they come here to actually do business and not keep flogging Avatar and virtual film making.

I understand riding the wave for all it’s worth but…Start selling Lightwave again people!

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