The Monster build almost done

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Random 3D

Okay. Seeing as I’m about a bajillion miles behind tech wise I thought it was time to update my gear at home.

Here is the almost completed desktop computer.

I’m running the the programs and OS WIN Ult 64) from an Ocz Octane 256 SSD.

Programs that were giving me grief about ram had better not give me any “Out of Ram” messages.

This rig is running 32GB’s of Ripjaw ram.

The brain is a 6 core i7 3930 chip.

Also have another SSD for caching. An OCZ Synapses cache drive SSD.

Graphics will be handled by a GTX 680 card by EVGA.

Really looking forward to flipping the power on and doing some render tests between it and my older Quad core machine….formerly “the Beast”

Stay tuned if you like to see the results…soonish.

Wish me luck on the first startup!

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