The reason I have to build rather than buy a repliprop

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Life posts, Prop Building
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Thanks to beyond ridiculous laws set forth by the US gov and I’m guessing sheepishly followed by my own

I can’t purchase a prop (non working, never could never would piece of plastic and aluminum) shotgun.

I guess the US Gov figures us Canucks are now on the most wanted list to start a war with the States. So that said we

can’t import even a simple riflescope for a pellet gun out of the US without our orders being cancelled by the company for fear of it being confiscated at the border and

a dispute being filed by the customer for a no show product.

Come on guys! I don’t foresee me and a bunch of other pellet gun enthusiasts over running the US in a hostile take over with our US purchased optics.

Try fearing the guys you sent actual weapons to overseas that they are now using against you.

Stop penalizing people like me. I just want to make movies and punch paper.

How did the world get so intellectually challenged ? Or should I say law makers?

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