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Tan.j’s Pleiades

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Random 3D
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If you are not familiar with a 3D artist known online as Tan.j do yourself a favour and go on over to

He makes some of the most beautiful canon and non canon BSG Lightwave meshes out there.

Here is a simple render of his Pleiades Battlestar.

Tan.j’s Pleiades

No wonder the show was not upped to SYFY right away.

Cack is to nice a rating for this. Rehash much?

What the hell is up with Adama? He’s played as a Super D bag that simply does not work on any level.

FX? What the hell happened here? So sad that a certain person is saying he worked so hard on this when all I’m

seeing are reused assets?

Please either let the franchise die or get someone in the drivers seat that has a clue.

On a scale of “Drivel to Stellar” I’d say I think I threw up a little bit so…not even drivel.