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Dinorat is a thorny DEVIL.

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Random 3D
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Dinorat is still under construction…..DinoRat_The_Beginning_07



The Dinorat lives on…..

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Random 3D
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A bit more. Amazing how lack of sleep can drain you of all things creative.
I reworked the head shape as it looked more canine than rat. I think it is an improvement. Well here is where the Dinorat sits as of now.




Dinorat side

Have not gotten much done on this so don’t get your hopes up with this next progress pic….


A pic using Raff’s Basestar, RJA’s Raider, and my version of the Atolm ( Hound) Raider.


Well here be a wip post.

Starring An old but still fun Ricktu Tanker, Raff’s Basestar and VK08’s Raider concept.



Well during a Skype conversation with a few friends I asked jokingly when “DinoRat vs. Allicoon” was going to be made.
Had a decent response to the offhand comment so today started the construction of the Dinorat.

This will go no further than a poster I’m thinking but who knows….


Well had a bit of time today…but not much progress. I guess not having a clear picture in your head at the start might be the cause….



Started fooling with the hangar I’m building and GSB’s Hawk. Have Roger Clow’s Moon Buggy in there for good measure.
A ton of stuff yet to be built…..