The Metaprobe!

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Random 3D
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Well I’m a happy camper.

I got Eric den Biese/Greywolf/Starkillers’ Metaprobe into Lightwave.
A wonderful model that did not get enough airtime in the series Space 1999.
I’m sure to do more renders with this beauty.Perhaps even an animation as she renders very quickly.
Well here she be


  1. CG Modeler Gerardo Vargas says:

    Way cool… I been meaning to model one of these. Love it. This was my favorite show back when… Great job!

  2. gregcharest says:

    Well all credit goes to the mesh builder! I just got it into Lightwave for my own kicks 🙂
    Starkiller did a “Killer” job on it.

    • CG Modeler Gerardo Vargas says:

      Talking about lightwave, can you compare it to MODO? I can’t make up my mind on those two! Need to get one or the other, but seems modo is kind of a “fever” on modelers around. Lightwave has a longer (older) reputation. What do you think?

      • gregcharest says:

        Well I’m not one to get into one of the “One vs the other” kind of discussions but I have tried Modo and did not find it was for me.
        That does not mean the software is bad, just that it was not for me.
        Lightwave gives me everything I need in one relatively small complete package.
        No addons to buy …like renderering packages such as Vray or Mentalray. Which drive the costs of the package higher.
        With the newest update of Lightwave, 11.5 you are getting quite a few of the features that the Modo people are so hot for. Not all but many.
        From what I’m hearing from Modo users that are going back to Lightwave is that it is very buggy. That might not be the case for everyone though.
        My installs of Lightwave are very solid and only crash when I do more than I know is safe to do.
        Always save save save!
        That said I won’t be leaving Lightwave any time soon. It does what I need, when I need it to.
        Hope that helps.

      • CG Modeler Gerardo Vargas says:

        It definitely helps. And thanks for keeping it professional. I myself have not decided. I would buy Maya 2013 or even 14, but for a freelancer, it is ridiculously pricy! So, I need something more in the Lightwave kingdom kind of thing. Besides, I am huge fan of Babylon 5 back in the day, and Lightwave was the star of the show! Also Earth 2! Have you seen any of those? I heard that Battlestar Galactica also used Lightwave, but not sure of that one.

      • gregcharest says:

        Pretty much anything TV was (90’s and well into the 2000’s)done in Lightwave, FX wise.
        Voyager, Enterprise, BSG, and who knows how many more.
        It does not have the presence it once had but it also has none of the advertising and training clout the Autodesk products do.
        Were it me I would go with the program that “fits” you the best and if you’re lucky has something of a pedigree.
        While Maya is the defacto program out there, remember it also takes any army of people scripting and debugging to get the beautiful things we see onscreen at the movies.
        Ever wonder why you could fall asleep during the end credits for the FX companies? 🙂
        Lightwave and Modo are, at least to my eye, geared towards the generalist that wears many hats out of necessity or that of creative control.
        Good luck on whichever you choose. You are, in the end, what makes the cool stuff happen within them.

  3. I’m using this for my desktop background right now…hope that’s okay? It’s great!

  4. gregcharest says:

    No problem. Glad you liked it.

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