A wee bit more accurate now.

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Random 3D
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The Silent got a bit more Silenty…a real word or no?



  1. CG Modeler Gerardo Vargas says:

    I’m sure you are aware of this, but keep in mind asymmetry. I can see a bit already around the “nose”, but not sure if intended or not (can’t find any more). Be sure not to finish without braking the full symmetry. I tend to do the same and am making myself aware of it constantly. Otherwise, it is impressive and great anatomical use of real nature to make such a character.

  2. gregcharest says:

    Asym will be left for a final displacement map. Excepting the nose as it is a pretty boney area on the character.
    Makes rigging/weighting that much easier.

  3. The skin detail looks amazing. It’d be cool to see what it looks like with the displacement map.

  4. gregcharest says:

    Thanks Sharon!
    Hope things are great out your way!

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