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Hey there spaceophiles! I don’t know about you but I am soooooo bloody tired of getting
left hanging by the “Studios” after getting invested in a TV show
only to have it cancelled!

Well it looks like there may be an alternative to this whole way of scifi  show production. A group called the Space Opera Society has been formed to
try and give us a new production model for our favorite genre.

I’m hoping this will be rather devoid of exe’s and more full of creative types wanting create and foster shows we are looking forward to watching each week.

Go have a look here

If the idea makes you say “Hey I like what these people have in store!” perhaps donate a wee bit o’ cash
to get the ball rolling!

P.S. I don’t usually push something like this and am not getting any perks for posting this.       I’d just like to see some cool stuff back on the boobtube!

The Silent…hand!

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Random 3D
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Okay got a bit more done on the electrifying hand of the Silent.



A lot yet to do.

Well got sucked into doing a render with the incomplete Power Station! Better cam angle and desaturated background image.


Looks kinda sexy no?

With some Speeders by A Kurin and far far away, Fractal Sponges’ ISD


Got a bit more done but wanted to see what it might look like in a proper setting.


The AT-AT is by Dejardin Bertrand and converted to Lightwave by P Choy

Was typing with some friends and this came about as a result. I thought getting a Power Generator from the Hoth battle sequence should be easy
right? Well here is the result of my labor so far.



They will go will go with the Rebel guns I made earlier on the Blog……somewhere. Here they are!

rebelsatgun_03 rebelturretgun_01

Had these old meshes on a hard drive so figured I’d take them out for a spin…. Thanks guys they still look great to me!


Started the hands this evening…..


Silence_12 Silence_13

Wow! Thanks to all that have viewed this blog. I’m really surprised that people have found enough of interest to stop by
that many times!
10,000 views…who knew?