AT-AT build started

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Prop Building
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Saw an AT AT review by Modelmantom and thought it would be cool to try making one of these larger AT’s The old ones were so much smaller than this. Should not be too hard to make up a rough cockpit area behind the
big front window. Then on to lighting it up.
Will have to figure out a better leg connection so I CAN do a bit of stop motion animation with it.
Really makes me wish I had my old AT AT kit from the 80’s! Would love to have a side by side for a “Then and now” pic.


Revel_AT_AT_01 Revell_AT_AT_02

  1. Nice. I always loved these. 😀 Stop motion animation is something I can definitely get excited about. I love that stuff. (I have a lot of Ray Harryhausen’s films :D)

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