Whoa Nellie! Old drawing found and scanned.

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Random 3D, Uncategorized
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Was reading a lot of Star Wars hard covers in the 90’s. There was this cool disgusting little creature called a Dinko in one of the stories.
This is what I thought it looked like.


  1. I like it. Do you happen to remember which book it’s from?

  2. gregcharest says:

    I wish I could.
    I think the scene involved someone thinking they were getting payment but instead opened the package that had an irritated and foul smelling Dinko inside.

  3. gregcharest says:

    You and me both on the not enough.
    I fell behind and now there is a good 20 or so I have to catch up on!
    Don’t know why but I keep thinking it is the Stars End trilogy. Han Solo at Stars End

  4. gregcharest says:

    Well I wish I could remember.It seems there were dog/jackal type creatures called Vornskrr as well.
    Had poisonous spines in the tail

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