Tiny 1/350 Enterprise update

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Prop Building
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Okay then.  I don’t have the etched brass from Paragrafix yet but thought I might try adding the Rec Deck window uprights in styrene.
Here is what I ended up with !


  1. That would be the rec deck. The officer’s lounge is the one on the back of the structure beneath the bridge. 😉

    That looks good. What exactly was there in the first place and what did you add?

  2. gregcharest says:

    There I go naming things incorrectly 🙂
    Never could keep track of what everything was called.
    There was only two long rectangular holes. I added the uprights.

  3. Why were there only two rectangular holes? That doesn’t even make sense. I had more respect for Polar Lights before you told me that. It’s not quite as bad as grid lines on the TOS ship, but it’s still bad. 😉

  4. gregcharest says:

    Well I’m thinking they have a good relationship with “aftermarket” producers.
    There is a Photoetched brass set that contains the window frames and other fine detail areas.
    See the Paragrafix part here…
    I’m not to miffed. It helps me stretch my modeling legs, as it were 🙂

    • I was joking. It’s all good. These kits are clearly produced with people who go the whole way with their builds in mind. They probably figured people would want to do their own thing there.

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