An EvilGenius180 USS Endeavor

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Random 3D
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Finally got a bit of time to work with this model.

Thank you Chris!

The Endeavor leaves the light of one galaxy on her way to the next.

Darkness Between

  1. Nice work, dude. It’s always cool seeing what other people do with my models.

    You know, if you turn on the glows under “Image Processing,” all of the little running lights and stuff will have a nice glow about them. 😉

  2. gregcharest says:

    I normally add glows in post. Not a huge fan of LW’s internal glow.
    Did not do an EXR though so ….no glows at this time.

  3. I like LIghtwave’s glows. But then, I came from TrueSpace, which has no glows, so I got really tired of adding them in post. 😉 I even tried a plugin for TrueSpace once and that didn’t add glows.

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