BSG…The Old and the New

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Random 3D
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Tos Galactica and Nu Galactica!

Old Gal by Folkrm and the new by Tanj! Both beautiful works gentlemen!

Thanks for sharing!


  1. Is the old one a lot larger than the new one or is it just the perspective?

  2. gregcharest says:

    She is larger and a tad tad closer to the cam.

  3. I never realized that. I just assumed they made the new one the same size.

  4. gregcharest says:

    Well I can’t say for sure but the scales that they are modeled in …the old girl is bigger.

  5. According to the information on the Battlestar Wiki, the newer ship should be larger. But, that’s all based on guesswork. (blah blah blah posted on whatever website) However, they have the original ship at 1,263-1,255m and the newer ship at 1438.64m. Also, the original supposedly has a crew of approximately 700 VS approximately 5,000 on the newer ship. But, it’s hard to say for certain. Since you have two models made by two different artists, I’d assume they weren’t built to scale. 😉

  6. gregcharest says:

    The moral of the story….never trust a wiki 🙂

  7. gregcharest says:

    To be honest I have never been too worried about scales and whatnot.
    It seems most shows have the scaling set on “impress” or “fit the shot” mode.
    I am more a fan of the old battle tank Galactica. The new one looks more like something run by Club Med.

    • I don’t trust a Wiki. I’m just saying that I really don’t think the Galactica from the newer series is really supposed to be smaller. If you look at the Vipers, which are roughly the same size in both series, in comparison to the ship, they certainly don’t look any larger than they do against the old ship. I’d at least make the ships the same size. But, that’s just me. Of course, if they’d release technical data like other Sci-Fi franchises do, it would settle the debate easily. 😉

      Personally, I prefer the original ship too. It just looks cooler. I prefer the original Vipers, laser guns, uniforms, Cylons and Cylon ships, pretty much everything. In fact, I prefer the original series. I do like the newer one, but I love the original. So, it certainly doesn’t bother me that the ship I like better is closer to the camera and bigger in the image. 😀

  8. Taranis says:

    The scale is based on my work using the 28.5ft Viper or was it 30ft it was too long ago to remember, I cannot say for the Nu Galactica! but it was built to scale by Lee Stringer.

    4720 feet for the new ship
    6080 feet for the classic ship.. that is based on the scale work I did some years ago.

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