Posted: February 11, 2014 in Random 3D
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Been roughing in an EVA suit using Taranis unfinished .lwo Started a bit ago and got this far. Very rough but wth.
Have not found a decent pic of the boots so….


  1. That looks great, bro. I don’t know if you ever watch Steve Neill’s videos, but he was working on a miniature of Kirk that was molded off of the actual movie miniature. I’d think that would be a good source of reference material.

  2. Taranis says:

    great seen these old meshes getting some attention 🙂

  3. gregcharest says:

    Well it seems a waste to let it sit gathering dust 🙂

  4. Taranis says:

    ah like most of my work lol.. its exciting to see this been developed

  5. gregcharest says:

    As they say in the States Ger…”Get er done!”

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