May the Fourth be with……You

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Life posts, Random 3D
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Falcon by Alain Rivard. Cloud City converted by P Choy. Background…Mother Nature

May the 4th be with You all!

Yes there is no one piloting the old bucket. Everyone is making sure Luke is okay after hanging from that darn city for an eternity!

Autopilot, ya that’s it..autopilot!


  1. They’re all in the back, fixing the hyperdrive. 😉

    The setup, lighting and background are awesome. The models look blurry, though. I’m assuming for the Falcon you did some motion blur, and for Cloud City some DOF. However, it’s painful to look at. (especially the Falcon) I was trying to force my eyes to focus, but that’s not the problem.

  2. gregcharest says:

    Use the Force man! Use the Force!

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