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Was fooling about with Fractal Sponges’ ISD and avstral2s’ Blockade Runner.

I might take it further…I don’t know but this is what came out for now.StarDestroyer_05

My brother put me on to this. I am rather shocked that zero has been done considering we are still

seeing the effects of DDT decades later.

Get on it Harper and cronies!

For more information on how you get get involved go (copy paste…enter) to the link below


Well I got a Sankyo 600 Super 8 projector in today. Why this would be a big deal?

It is a big deal because I was sent some old and never seen before Super 8 and Regular 8 films from the 60’s 70’s of family events a such.

It was way too cool to relive some things that were a bit foggy in the old brain.

Now I just have to find a decent regular 8 player to view the really old films. They have some stuff on them I was not around to witness then but would sure love to see now.

I’ll try to record the reels to digital using my Sony EX3 as having these reels done by a …..Pro would be cost prohibitive.

If they turn out I’ll up my “James Boob” spoof to¬† my Youtube channel. Then you the viewers of the channel might see just how much making dreams into reality has been

a part of my life for….forever!