Pesticides and honey……nope they don’t mix!

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Life posts, Uncategorized

My brother put me on to this. I am rather shocked that zero has been done considering we are still

seeing the effects of DDT decades later.

Get on it Harper and cronies!

For more information on how you get get involved go (copy paste…enter) to the link below


  1. That stuff should be banned in all countries, but it’s unfortunately not. The US supposedly has regulations but then there are accusations that the FDA doesn’t properly do toxicity studies and pesticides meet their approval that shouldn’t. (somebody is probably lining some pockets to make that happen) Legislation to put a stop to that never goes anywhere because our government is almost completely useless at times. (lately, the majority of the time) I don’t know if you guys have anything like that going on up there, but that could be part of the problem.

  2. gregcharest says:

    The excuse if that there is not enough data to prove that the crap is doing the damage.
    Even when there is mountains of support data wise.
    It is always the go to line of BS.

    • Yeah, the old denial approach. Proof that our countries truly aren’t that different. I think that’s the same line of BS that the FDA down here used in at least one recent case.

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