The Chase Begins….

Posted: July 13, 2014 in Random 3D
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Was fooling about with Fractal Sponges’ ISD and avstral2s’ Blockade Runner.

I might take it further…I don’t know but this is what came out for now.StarDestroyer_05

  1. So, the blockade runner is moving faster than the star destroyer? It certainly looks that way with the motion blur on that model but not the ISD.

    The render of the ISD looks awesome, that’s a great setup and Ansel makes some beautiful ships. Though, as beautiful as it is, it would help if the blockade runner overlapped it a little. As it is, it looks like the blockade runner could be either in front of it or over top of it. If the blockade runner was (for lack of a better word) blocking part of the ISD, it would be immediately clear that it was in front.

    Other than those minor issues, it looks great. I probably shouldn’t note that the ISD has too much detail to be representative of the first film, since you used the ultimate ISD model by if not the best, one of the best Star Wars modelers out there. 😉

  2. gregcharest says:

    The chase “begins”. My thoughts were that the Star Destroyer was in a sector that the Rebel ship made a jump to (in transit to Tatoonine) but the Captain of the Rebel Cruiser decides they must get the message to good ol’ Obi Wan and try to make a run for it.
    Well the in front issue is not really an issue as most people know the scales of the ships in the pic.
    Those that don’t know need a quick crucifixion 🙂
    I love Ansels’ work as well. I was very happy when his work was featured in one of those “Illustrated” type books.

    • At least they paid him to do those books. I know he’s had some of his work used by LucasArts before without his permission and without compensation.

      Ah, so the ISD isn’t really moving, that make sense on the blur part. However, I stand by my statement about the overlapping thing. It works, even for people who aren’t familiar with these ships. 😛

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