Having a WTH moment here about BC Cancer Agency

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Life posts, Uncategorized
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My family donates every month to the BC Cancer Fund.

Today I find out the now resigned CEO of the Agency was getting paid out of the money

people like me donate to pay his $500,000 plus salary.

I’m shocked and disgusted.

I am paying for research. Not some entitled asshat’s salary.

Seriously thinking about cancelling my donation until I can get some clarification and assurances that

research will be the sole use of the funds I give.

  1. That’s really shameful. I hope he’s getting prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It always sickens me when I hear about things like this (we have quite a bit of that here in the US.) Not only are people like you who were donating being robbed, but things like this also make new donors leery.

  2. gregcharest says:

    Well it is like the media outlet reported.
    A lot of us that give is because of knowing or having lost someone to cancer.
    To have a butthole take advantage of that is beyond my ability to articulate.
    That and the fact that the people I give money to in trust, thought it was okay.

  3. Taranis says:

    Yes its happened in Ireland too on different charities. result well meaning charities are finding it difficult now to help the people that really need it.. I support a number of charities its always a concern to know the money is going where it needs too.

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