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What I’m about to write will offend a great many of you but I simply don’t care. I’m tired of being lumped in with the minority of asshats out there that are NOT hunters.

There are many out there that are disgusted by hunting. When I say hunting I’m talking about those of us that go out and kill animals for the freezer. While on occasion a person is lucky and gets a large animal with a great set of head gear that is not the focus of our hunt.

When I go out it is for the experience of getting into the woods and with a bit of effort, some meat for myself and family.

So that makes me a brute a low brow or worse? Those of you out there pointing fingers please take the other fingers out of your butts and realize that you too are killing. Actually you are paying others to do it for you as you won’t take it upon yourself to dirty your reputations or whatever it is you think you are protecting. You have been accomplices to the so called “murder” you say I am committing. Just distanced yourselves a bit but still just as guilty by your own definition.

If anything is true at least the animals I hunt have no clue I was there at their end. I doubt very much the cow that gave up it’s steaks and hamburger for you had the same end.

Thanks for being the hypocrites you are. The world is such a great place with you in it.