Facebook….the place where stupid people meet?

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Life posts, Uncategorized
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I must say I have become more than disenchanted with FB.It is like all the stupid people have come out from under their rocks and have found their voices.

Is it just me or am I just misreading the situation?


  1. That’s the way it seemed to me during the brief time I was on there.

  2. gregcharest says:

    I access it through my wife’s account as I could be “arsed” as the Brits say, to make my own account.
    It does not seem to matter the topic there are always teens with opinions on life.
    Perhaps they should actually live life a wee bit before stating all that they spout to know on the subject.
    My favorite topic so far has been the whole “Help Isis instead of bombing them.”
    Okay you have seen or at least heard about journalists having their heads separated from their bodies right? So I guess I should kneel down and bow my neck for them as they swing the blade?
    Flower power has a place and extremism/terrorist group discussion is not it.

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