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Merry Christmas to any and all that read the things I post.

2015 has been an odd year. Moving and renovating and endless other things got in the way of most projects this year. Will hopefully find with the New Year time to post more. Hopefully post things that make people smile or at least be of some small interest.

Here’s to you all out there! The very best in the New Year to you all and may the Obese Fellow have left you something under your tree. If not that kind of day for you….enjoy your days off!

A wee bit done on the radar dish/fan at the bottom of the ship


A home in Canada.

Today the Fed’s decided they would up the minimum down payment limit to cool the crazy price increases in the housing market in Toronto and Vancouver.

The only thing they have done is put Canadians out of the market and made the market an easier place for off shore buyers to buy in.

The main culprits being money fleeing China to be hidden in real estate in Canada. They have the money and can’t buy over there any more so come over here.  Now Chinese buyers have ZERO competition through legislation.

Hey Ottawa! Did you not see what has happened in China? How about a closer look just over to our buddies south of the border?

Thanks for screwing us in yet other wonderful way Ottawa. You are always finding ways to outdo yourselves!

Well this might sound terrible but I simply don’t want people walking all over my property whenever they feel it is okay.

The neighbour across the street has a huge Christmas display. People want to take pics. Fine. What is not fine is that they feel they can waltz all over my yard to do it.

The reasoning?  “I want to get a good picture”

Tough asshat. Get a better camera.

I’m done being polite. The next one gets a FU.

Okay as showing pics of the frame structure would be most boring, here is a shot of the top turret as of today.


DeAg Falcon Turret

When a huge number of Canadians can’t afford daycare, our Prime Minister feels it is okay for him to have nannies for his children at the tax payers expense.

The reason given? He and his wife are very busy with their duties.

Hey hypocrite….we’re all busy and have to pay for our own daycare. We don’t all get to delegate our work to a staff of aides, civil servants and ministers. Get off the tax payer teat and pay your way. Lead by example.

Okay nothing too much on the “new” front. Well a tiny bit.