Okay Facebook….you win

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Life posts, Uncategorized

I finally bit the bullet and have a FB page. Don’t like it really but there are things I like to follow and I shold not clog up my wife’s account with notices. Sound about right?

  1. I was on there for a few months, back when I was attached to a fan film. However, since that fizzled, I deactivated my account. To me, it’s truly pointless. Just people posting random crap. There’s a this one dude I was friends with who is a great CG artist, however he’s a truly disturbed individual. He posted (probably still does) some truly sick things. 😦

  2. Heh, I just decided that, rather than dump people, I’d just leave the freakshow to the freaks. Besides, I never really liked the site. To me, it’s pointless. I only joined for that one project, which fizzled.

  3. gregcharest says:

    Too bad about the project. Sadly that seems to be the fate of most of them. Slow lingering deaths.

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