New computer build. Any thought people?

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Life posts, Random 3D, Uncategorized
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asrock-ep2c612d16c-4lOkay I’m putting this up for discussion. Not argument. I have a couple Xeon procs (8 Core 2.6 GHz) and a Asrock EP2C612D16C-4L motherboard. The motherboards layout kind of screws up (as seen in pic) one of the PCI-E slots. Want to get a card that will do 4k out to a monitor. Wondering if I can get or if there are short cards that I might SLI or Crossfire to a full card?  Also want at least 64Gbs of memory.There are 16 slots of ram to fill. Just nuts!

Ideas people? Suggestions. “Should have got this or that board” comments will be turfed as this is the route I’m taking.

  1. It’s an interesting board, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen one with that many RAM slots. You definitely can’t put anything long in that one PCIe slot, due to the location of that cluster of RAM slots. However, that still leaves the other two you can use. There are some shorter cards that will do 4096 x 2160 graphics, however it will still probably be a tight fit with those RAM slots. However, if you want any of the newer chipsets, like the Nvidia 900 series or Radeon R9 series, you’re almost certainly looking at a long card. And, with a rig that powerful, you might as well treat yourself to a nice GPU to go along with those dual Xeons and buttload of RAM. Personally, I’d just use the other slots.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Interesting board. Those Xeons will definitely be beasts for rendering.

  2. gregcharest says:

    Yes that is what I’m thinking as well. Was just wondering if one of the shorter boards can link up via Crossfire or SLI to the long card.

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