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Well I know it is a real long shot but there are examples of people making a decent income on Youtube. So as I have the gear and a wee bit of knowledge I figure I should come up with an idea or two for a channel.

3D is being done to death and I am not very good at explaining what I do [I just do it] it is not something I’m willing to invest a crapton of time on. I may do some outdoors type programming. I’m in a great location for it and a day outside is better than any day at a desk job.

Hope it works out as I’m not getting any younger.

Well during a Skype conversation with a few friends I asked jokingly when “DinoRat vs. Allicoon” was going to be made.
Had a decent response to the offhand comment so today started the construction of the Dinorat.

This will go no further than a poster I’m thinking but who knows….


Well had a bit of time today…but not much progress. I guess not having a clear picture in your head at the start might be the cause….