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Well I got Boxes 6 and 7 on the doorstep on the 28th of Dec. Here is where we sit so far.

Mostly metal frame/super structure. Oh and I tried painting the pilot and co pilot seats out in the damp chill today….Will be repainting them with the airbrush once I have heat in the garage.workshop.


Massive no? The magazine is the size of what you would find at your local magazine shop.

Can’t wait for the next 2 boxes to arrive! The center ring and more framing will be mounted then!

And I’m 12 years old again!

Just saw the newest trailer for the Christmas Star Wars.

Still not buying the Tupperware Storm Troopers but seeing Han and Chewie together again was awesome!

Hearing the Falcon blast past the camera is “hair stands up on the arms” fanfreakintastic!

Falcon by Alain Rivard. Cloud City converted by P Choy. Background…Mother Nature

May the 4th be with You all!

Yes there is no one piloting the old bucket. Everyone is making sure Luke is okay after hanging from that darn city for an eternity!

Autopilot, ya that’s it..autopilot!