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A wee bit done on the radar dish/fan at the bottom of the ship


Okay nothing too much on the “new” front. Well a tiny bit.


A bit more while the wee boy slept.


The Imperious Leader needed to sit down for a bit.

Seems I added this bit of text to my Google+ page but not here…

The Imp Leader is still needing his robe, hands and the Centurions are missing hands,ankles and a part on the legs.


A what if situation.¬†Adama takes the Galactica into a wormhole to evade the cylons…..

Meshes: DS9 Nightfever
Galactica FolkrmSisko_to_the ship_des_Galatica

Hard to believe Battlestar Galactica is already 35 years old!¬†Here’s the beginning of a pic using Folkrm’s Galactica and Raff’s Basestar.
Thinking about throwing a load of Vipers and raiders in there buzzing about but not sure yet.


Well here be a wip post.

Starring An old but still fun Ricktu Tanker, Raff’s Basestar and VK08’s Raider concept.