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Okay nothing too much on the “new” front. Well a tiny bit.



A bit more while the wee boy slept.


Okay so I decide to open up Lightwave Modeller for the first time in….forever.

This is what I have so far.RM_Star_01

Wish I had better pics of Mr. M’s work to work with.

Was fooling about with Fractal Sponges’ ISD and avstral2s’ Blockade Runner.

I might take it further…I don’t know but this is what came out for now.StarDestroyer_05

Falcon by Alain Rivard. Cloud City converted by P Choy. Background…Mother Nature

May the 4th be with You all!

Yes there is no one piloting the old bucket. Everyone is making sure Luke is okay after hanging from that darn city for an eternity!

Autopilot, ya that’s it..autopilot!


Who knew the Imperious Leader needed a hair piece?

I wonder what these things set it back?

Any how, here be where I’m at the moment on it’s wig.



Okay a rough wig is done.

Still a lot of details to go!