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Coming and going

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Random 3D
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Nothing accurate about this pic. The Gato sub had no readme but the other sub is by Bazze!

Just saw Gerard’s Nautilus pic and wanted to try something out.Coming_going00


Made these forever ago and forgot about them.

Funny what you will find cleaning up a HD!

and this one…

The ship was made by EG180 ….morphed by me.

Who knew the Imperious Leader needed a hair piece?

I wonder what these things set it back?

Any how, here be where I’m at the moment on it’s wig.



Here’s a pic.


The wee boy had me going all day. Almost zero done.

Tightened some areas up is about all that changed.

Was typing with some friends and this came about as a result. I thought getting a Power Generator from the Hoth battle sequence should be easy
right? Well here is the result of my labor so far.



They will go will go with the Rebel guns I made earlier on the Blog……somewhere. Here they are!

rebelsatgun_03 rebelturretgun_01

Watched “First Men in the Moon” this evening. Saw the “scientist” bugs men and thought “Hey why not try and build one!?”
A small tribute to Mr Ray Harryhausen’s work.
Hope it does this character justice once I’m done.


Forgive the rough nature of the mesh right now. I was only able to find a small picture for reference. I have the wings to build yet as well.
As always feel free to comment if you feel an urge to do so 🙂

A tiny bit more tonight.  Dentist today so not feeling all that creative…..

Selenite_progress_02 Tightened things up a bit and added some eyes.
Had some wings but did not like the results so deleted them.

Holy crap but I never believed Sketchup could do something this beautiful. Even in adept hands!

I have to say I have been proven wrong as a SU user “hana sun ” in this build of a childhood favorite the Space Battleship Yamato!

The fighters also pictured are by a very talented artist Don Graiser.

Yamato hana sun

Thank you both for releasing these fine works!