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Well it’s been forever so I thought perhaps I’d post a bit of something.

Moving and getting setup takes forever and sometimes the creative bug hibernates a long long time. So here are a few pics of things I’ve been up to.Royal_Talon_CKSeaQuest_assets_0320170729_12342020170908_10293820171004_10445920180112_08225520180208_085935

Well I’m a happy camper.

I got Eric den Biese/Greywolf/Starkillers’ Metaprobe into Lightwave.
A wonderful model that did not get enough airtime in the series Space 1999.
I’m sure to do more renders with this beauty.Perhaps even an animation as she renders very quickly.
Well here she be


Removed the normal map and viola! No patchy look.

Now have to figure out why the normal map got corrupted.

Got a cool side effect from adding a very soft spec map…frost bite!