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Again nothing fancy or spectacular to post but….progress just the same.



People wonder why I’m an atheist? I don’t believe in Fairy tales,no matter the supposed source. I sure as poop don’t believe that a sweating wall is Jesus or some other BS is trying to talk to me.

If you do believe this horse pucky, go to Surrey and check out what looks like a pop can exploding accident on a wall. If the voices start speaking to you in your head….seek medical attention.

Well I got Boxes 6 and 7 on the doorstep on the 28th of Dec. Here is where we sit so far.

Mostly metal frame/super structure. Oh and I tried painting the pilot and co pilot seats out in the damp chill today….Will be repainting them with the airbrush once I have heat in the garage.workshop.


Massive no? The magazine is the size of what you would find at your local magazine shop.

Can’t wait for the next 2 boxes to arrive! The center ring and more framing will be mounted then!

Merry Christmas to any and all that read the things I post.

2015 has been an odd year. Moving and renovating and endless other things got in the way of most projects this year. Will hopefully find with the New Year time to post more. Hopefully post things that make people smile or at least be of some small interest.

Here’s to you all out there! The very best in the New Year to you all and may the Obese Fellow have left you something under your tree. If not that kind of day for you….enjoy your days off!

A wee bit done on the radar dish/fan at the bottom of the ship


Okay as showing pics of the frame structure would be most boring, here is a shot of the top turret as of today.


DeAg Falcon Turret

When a huge number of Canadians can’t afford daycare, our Prime Minister feels it is okay for him to have nannies for his children at the tax payers expense.

The reason given? He and his wife are very busy with their duties.

Hey hypocrite….we’re all busy and have to pay for our own daycare. We don’t all get to delegate our work to a staff of aides, civil servants and ministers. Get off the tax payer teat and pay your way. Lead by example.