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Man it takes a long time to get a package from Georgia to British Columbia! It’s here now though and now the building can commence in earnest!
Has a small spot of damage circled in red. Looks like a sharp drop onto something (edge of a table) hard.
Not really concerned as the workbee is not my favorite creature.



Okay then.  I don’t have the etched brass from Paragrafix yet but thought I might try adding the Rec Deck window uprights in styrene.
Here is what I ended up with !


Okay then…glue has hit the styrene! The beginning of the saucer rim installation.
Going to go slow and steady on this to make things easier for myself.
No “bulls in China shops” attitude on this one.


Finally got the Enterprise out of the box for a test/dry fitting. This  thing is bloody huge!
With lights and a custom base this will be one awesome build!
Wish me luck!


And yes…that is a yard stick!