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Have been slowly bringing Alex Klemm’s Enterprise Refit into Lightwave3D. Still have a few polys to flip so she gets watertight.

AlexKlemm_EntA Refit_13

One of my favorite actors has passed away.

Mr Nimoy thank you for helping make so many of my childhood viewing memories happy ones.

Sad to see you have left us but I know that all things end.

Again, thank you for all the memories.

Been roughing in an EVA suit using Taranis unfinished .lwo Started a bit ago and got this far. Very rough but wth.
Have not found a decent pic of the boots so….


The title says it all. A bit more today.Kruge_dog_04

A push here a pull there…. Kruge_dog_02

Kruge had a puppy. It died….. Wanted to make one for a while. Hope I finish it.


Finally got a bit of time to work with this model.

Thank you Chris!

The Endeavor leaves the light of one galaxy on her way to the next.

Darkness Between

Species 8472

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Random 3D
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Well I thoght the Voyager Bridge looked a bit ghost ship so thought I’d add a life form to it. Did not have one ready right away so thought why not Species 8472?
So here we go…..

Species8472_02 Species8472_03

Just the rough forms so far.