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TK_Helmet buildTK_Helmet build_00I love my EFX helmet, don’t get me wrong. It is very nice with it’s symmetry. Sadly it does not have the originals….wonkieness. So with that being the case I finally have in my hands an ATA helmet.



Drunken BB8

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Just fooling around with a BB8 model in Layout.
Forgive the  crude nature of the animation. I have not done any anim in years.
The model is by Q5Grafx.

Well I got Boxes 6 and 7 on the doorstep on the 28th of Dec. Here is where we sit so far.

Mostly metal frame/super structure. Oh and I tried painting the pilot and co pilot seats out in the damp chill today….Will be repainting them with the airbrush once I have heat in the garage.workshop.


Massive no? The magazine is the size of what you would find at your local magazine shop.

Can’t wait for the next 2 boxes to arrive! The center ring and more framing will be mounted then!

Okay as showing pics of the frame structure would be most boring, here is a shot of the top turret as of today.


DeAg Falcon Turret

I am kind of in a bit of a stunned daze right now. Since I first saw Star Wars decades ago, I wished and dreamed about having a big Millennium Falcon of my very own. As purchasing one of the $5000 plus miniatures was not ever going to happen I was overjoyed to hear about DeAgostini’s  venture into a studio scaled version.

Well they released their monthly kit version and I watched others build it with great envy over the last year or so. My wife must have seen my anguish and one day said “Okay go ahead and get the subscription”. Let me say this first. This is not a cheap sub. My wife is a scifi fan and knows what this means to me. Thank you thank you Thank you!

I just got my first months pack on the doorstep this afternoon. I will up progress pics and perhaps video of this build journey I’m about to embark on to my Youtube account.

Thank you Azusa!

Well I for one am truly excited. Star Wars mania is hitting once again!

Merchandising is going into high gear as of tomorrow….Force Friday.

Credit cards beware as if you are not a fan, your children most likely are or will be! Get ready to fork out mucho bucks.

I’m happy to see the franchise get another kick at the can. Here’s hoping Disney pulls it off in a grand fashion.

Now I have a midnight Toys R Us opening to get to! Elbows prepped and ready to fend off other nerds that get in the way!!!!!!

Good luck everyone.

And I’m 12 years old again!

Just saw the newest trailer for the Christmas Star Wars.

Still not buying the Tupperware Storm Troopers but seeing Han and Chewie together again was awesome!

Hearing the Falcon blast past the camera is “hair stands up on the arms” fanfreakintastic!

Was fooling about with Fractal Sponges’ ISD and avstral2s’ Blockade Runner.

I might take it further…I don’t know but this is what came out for now.StarDestroyer_05

Was reading a lot of Star Wars hard covers in the 90’s. There was this cool disgusting little creature called a Dinko in one of the stories.
This is what I thought it looked like.


Well my In-laws brought a pair of Fine Molds 1/48 Tie Fighters with them from Japan for me! After seeing them it brought back memories of an old kit I had as a kid. The MPC Tie Interceptor.
From memory I figured they looked to be the same scale as the new Fine Molds Tie so I went on a hunt.
An Ebay hunt that is. Well I found one and it arrived this morning. Guess what? The scales are close enough for me to use them in a diorama together!

MPC Tie Int