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I must say I have become more than disenchanted with FB.It is like all the stupid people have come out from under their rocks and have found their voices.

Is it just me or am I just misreading the situation?


Sorry small rant coming up. Stop reading now if you value your time and or despise rants.

Is it just me or did all the numbnuts that said they were going to boycott hockey if there was a season
suddenly forget that they were not only deprived of their beloved sport by a bunch of greedy bastiches or
did I imagine all the bitching and complaining they would spout whenever a video camera was pointed their way during news interviews/spots?
I think all these fools deserve to be paying the exorbitant ticket prices and crazy beverage prices they are paying.

Please continue to take it in the orifice guys and gals….because you deserve it 🙂