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Okay tonight I decided to open up the White walker for the first time in ages. I had not looked at it at all since way back in 2012…summer some time.
Did not do much at all but it was good to get it loaded and see where I’d left off.
With all of Lightwave 3D’s new additions I thought I should get this wrapped up and rigged…..

White Walker

White Walker

Well the rough ins anyway.

Okay, decided to get the old fella back in ZBrush and give it some going over.

Had to bring it back in anyway as I needed to fix seams on the exported textures.

Here is where he’s at…..

Well have the displacement map set up. At least a decent temporary one.

Think I need to go into ZBrush and try the “Fix seam” option to see if I can get rid of a bit of the seam problem I’m getting in the UV’s edges.

Removed the normal map and viola! No patchy look.

Now have to figure out why the normal map got corrupted.

Got a cool side effect from adding a very soft spec map…frost bite!

Okay got a test render out of Lightwave of the Walker and outside of the obvious “patching” I think once done it will look not too bad at all.

Try to rough out the gauntlets and shin guard armor this weekend.

GOT WW now with a wig!

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Random 3D
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Okay tweaked it up a bit to closer to what I’d like it to look like in the end.

Gave him a paint over wig to see if things looked okay. Kinda sorta happier with it now.


And some painted in eyes….