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Well Talon has gotten the point where most of the “puppy” look has gone. As for the “puppy” attitude? It’s still there 🙂


Why do people vote for parties that have no hope what so ever of winning? We’re now stuck with the Liberals yet again as political geniuses voted for the Green party instead of what was a viable opposition party.

To those that voted Green thanks for nothing. Fools. Now you get Christy for another lackluster 4 years.

Watched “First Men in the Moon” this evening. Saw the “scientist” bugs men and thought “Hey why not try and build one!?”
A small tribute to Mr Ray Harryhausen’s work.
Hope it does this character justice once I’m done.


Forgive the rough nature of the mesh right now. I was only able to find a small picture for reference. I have the wings to build yet as well.
As always feel free to comment if you feel an urge to do so 🙂

A tiny bit more tonight.  Dentist today so not feeling all that creative…..

Selenite_progress_02 Tightened things up a bit and added some eyes.
Had some wings but did not like the results so deleted them.

Ray Harryhausen passed away today. Another of the people that influenced so much of what I do is gone.
I grew up watching, or should I say sneaking to the television, late at night to watch his stop motion masterpieces.
There are few famous people that I would like to meet but Mr Harryhausen was at or near the top of the list.
I think it would be fitting to watch one of his classics this evening in tribute to someone I spent waaaaaaay too many hours trying
emulate as a preteen/teen snapping frame after frame on my Sankyo Super 8 !
Good bye and thank you for the magic.

Holy crap but I never believed Sketchup could do something this beautiful. Even in adept hands!

I have to say I have been proven wrong as a SU user “hana sun ” in this build of a childhood favorite the Space Battleship Yamato!

The fighters also pictured are by a very talented artist Don Graiser.

Yamato hana sun

Thank you both for releasing these fine works!