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Here’s a pic.


The wee boy had me going all day. Almost zero done.

Tightened some areas up is about all that changed.

Okay so the old version has disappeared.

New one started!


This one is less from memory and more from pics off the net!

They went in peace and left in pieces!


Been roughing in an EVA suit using Taranis unfinished .lwo Started a bit ago and got this far. Very rough but wth.
Have not found a decent pic of the boots so….


Tos Galactica and Nu Galactica!

Old Gal by Folkrm and the new by Tanj! Both beautiful works gentlemen!

Thanks for sharing!


Well hit the big 50

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Life posts

Don’t feel any different than I did in my 30′ or 40’s really.


The title says it all. A bit more today.Kruge_dog_04

A push here a pull there…. Kruge_dog_02

Kruge had a puppy. It died….. Wanted to make one for a while. Hope I finish it.