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Well my In-laws brought a pair of Fine Molds 1/48 Tie Fighters with them from Japan for me! After seeing them it brought back memories of an old kit I had as a kid. The MPC Tie Interceptor.
From memory I figured they looked to be the same scale as the new Fine Molds Tie so I went on a hunt.
An Ebay hunt that is. Well I found one and it arrived this morning. Guess what? The scales are close enough for me to use them in a diorama together!

MPC Tie Int

Well trimming at least!AbCod_01 AbCod_02 BackPlate_01 BackPlate_02 BackPlate_03 Chest_01 Chest_02

The journey has definitely come into full swing  Parts not shown are trimmed already pending fitting “trim to size” for my
body shape.

Saw an AT AT review by Modelmantom and thought it would be cool to try making one of these larger AT’s The old ones were so much smaller than this. Should not be too hard to make up a rough cockpit area behind the
big front window. Then on to lighting it up.
Will have to figure out a better leg connection so I CAN do a bit of stop motion animation with it.
Really makes me wish I had my old AT AT kit from the 80’s! Would love to have a side by side for a “Then and now” pic.


Revel_AT_AT_01 Revell_AT_AT_02

Sculpting maybe but not jumping! A ZBrush work in progress.
Sharknado is a surprisingly inspiration flick!


Finally found my E-11 blaster parts in the mountain of moving boxes! Here is where I’m at…


Oh ya baby ya! I got my Stormtrooper Armour today.
Saying I am beyond excited is, well, an understatement.

Been wanting to do this since I first saw Star Wars sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many years ago. If this makes me an uber nerd, well I’m more than okay with that!
Have to pick up some Zap a Gap and some Zip Kicker and get this party started!


Thanks to ATA  for getting this out to me! I really appreciate it!

Must make the most of the space I’ve got! Frustrating to say the least!


Okay then. The new place is a LOT smaller than the old one. That said space is at a premium and I had to find space where I can.
So sadly my modeling/editing/computer area has now also become my
Sculpting/carving/prop building/model building area.
Now I have to figure out a good way to keep the dust to a minimum….argh!

WBench_01_sized  WBench_03_sizedWBench_02_sized


Look forward to getting the dust collection and airbrush station set up!