Darkvalunda Star Destroyer

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Went treasure hunting on CGTrader and found this yesterday.

Marc Bells DCS Enterprise

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Long time no upload.

Have been slowly bringing Alex Klemm’s Enterprise Refit into Lightwave3D. Still have a few polys to flip so she gets watertight.

AlexKlemm_EntA Refit_13

Well it’s been a while….again. 2018 was pretty eventful and can’t believe we are already into May of 2019.

Well I truly can’t complain about my hunting season this year. We have bear burger and venison steaks and stew meat in the freezer. Would like to snag and Elk though.2018 buck_01

Hello world.

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Been a very long time. Did a few things.

Well it’s been forever so I thought perhaps I’d post a bit of something.

Moving and getting setup takes forever and sometimes the creative bug hibernates a long long time. So here are a few pics of things I’ve been up to.Royal_Talon_CKSeaQuest_assets_0320170729_12342020170908_10293820171004_10445920180112_08225520180208_085935

Rigged_Carbon_Cure_2015Summer in Rocky is coming to a close. Sadly the smoke from all the BC wildfires continue to clog up the sky.

Need to build a dedicated greenhouse for Azusa as this growing season was a real bust. We are getting down to 5c here at night sometimes.

Have to get out and get the bow dialed in. Season starts soon!

Okay before the death of all my machines I was working on several models. I thought I’d post a couple pics of the RM Basestar from where I left it.

Opened up this thing after a loooooooooooong time not finding it. Really renders fast on the Dual CPU machine.