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This is something I completely forgot about.

The Battlestar is by Tanj. A great Lightwave artist from Japan.

Miss seeing his wip’s on the net but life takes us different directions I guess.

The Raider is a concept by Atolm and built Hound_Strike_52by me.

Again nothing fancy. Just giving Tanj’s Battlestar some render love.

Made these forever ago and forgot about them.

Funny what you will find cleaning up a HD!

and this one…

The ship was made by EG180 ….morphed by me.

And I’m 12 years old again!

Just saw the newest trailer for the Christmas Star Wars.

Still not buying the Tupperware Storm Troopers but seeing Han and Chewie together again was awesome!

Hearing the Falcon blast past the camera is “hair stands up on the arms” fanfreakintastic!

What the hell is the matter with people today?

Watching the news about an oil spill in English Bay when the newscast gets disrupted by some hosehead

wearing a dewband and a wool jacket stands right in front of the camera.

When politely asked to move the asshat proceeds to stay in front of the news camera until they decide to throw it back to the studio.

All I can say is…Bravo to the Global News anchor for not laying the butthead out on the beach. I know I would have.

To the hippy… come on over so I can tattoo a big “L”  on your forehead. Just say no to Pot. It makes you stupid.

Don’t know if it is from being sick all the time lately or what but I have ZERO in the way of motivation to be at all creative.

Must give myself a self inflicted kick in the butt. I need to make stuff! It is what I do for hell’s sake.

What the hell, I think I’ll go out to the Blazer and see what needs to be done to get some decent sound into it before our summer holidays come up.

Gotz ta have good tunes for long drives no?

Maybe after that I’ll have given myself a recharge.

Yesterday was a very bad day.

Some terrible news about a friend and my brothers’ dog was a hit and run victim.

Today I found out the dog is sore but okay. The news about my friend remained unchanged.

So not feeling too happy today it was nice when my wife walked into the house with a package from

Opened it up like it was Christmas to find a much needed dust connector for my router and….wait for it…

ZBrush Characters and Creatures


Opened it up to find that is by far the best book on ZBrush that I have had in my hands so far.

The book is quality throughout and the content is both eye candy and inspirational.

I know this sounds like I’m a fanboi but this book has awesome all over it.

The only part I felt was not so great is the length of one of the chapters.

“Creating Fantasy Characters” I thought it could have been summed up/condensed a bit better.

Other than that it is a book I would recommend to anyone that uses ZBrush. New or old user.

Oh and for those of you that can never find a bookmark laying about, it has one built into the front cover! Nice touch people.