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The Silent got a bit more Silenty…a real word or no?



Silent has colour.

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Random 3D
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Now with 100 % more colour!


Sadly adding colour has shown me the dire need for tighter (heavier hand) detail being needed adding to the skin.

Silence_01Some practise.Silence_03

Might be cool to do the whole character. Suit and all!

Species 8472

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Random 3D
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Well I thoght the Voyager Bridge looked a bit ghost ship so thought I’d add a life form to it. Did not have one ready right away so thought why not Species 8472?
So here we go…..

Species8472_02 Species8472_03

Just the rough forms so far.

Decided I needed to get Chainsaws’ Voyager Bridge going in Lightwave. She looks great but seemed sort of like a ghost bridge so I dropped Lee Davis Joybot in there.
Hope you like.


Warning…large Pic!